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Spy x Family: record budget for the advertising of the anime

by Harry Brown

The first season of Spy x Family ended and the Forger family will go on standby pending the second tranche of episodes. In the meantime, some first details begin to emerge about the advertising campaign of the television series that enjoyed a millionaire budget.

In any case, the fans have nothing to fear: the plans for the future of Spy x Family are long-term, which is why the investment in the saga also concerns the advertising market. Ichiro Ishikawapresident of the TV Tokyo Holding Corp who runs the eponymous TV station, revealed that the eleventh episode received one share of 4.8%the highest average in the history of station programming.

Ishikawa even said the franchise enjoyed a record-breaking advertising budget. we are talking about 100 million yen (about 710 thousand euros) only for the promotional campaign in Shibuya. The popular district, in fact, has been enriched with many themed posters around the streets, from the subway to the buildings. A real catchphrase that establishes the incredible investment that the production has reserved for Spy x Family whose expectations are and continue to remain very high.

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