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Spy x Family, the Forgers in the Bondman poster in a splendid fan art

by Harry Brown

The first part of the anime of Spy x Family it just ended with the twelfth episode. The adventures of the bizarre Forger family, born from the pen of Tatsuya Endo, have been brought to the screen by the collaboration between CloverWorks and Wit Studio. The series will return in October with the second part of the first season.

Great protagonist of the series is the little telepath Anya, beloved by fans. The young woman has a real passion for the Bondman TV series, which stars spies in very adrenaline-pumping adventures. In the 1×5 episode of Spy x Family, which got fans a lot of discussion, Anya asks her dad Loid to recreate Bondman scenes live to celebrate his admission to Eden College.

This very episode reminded @rollround of a brilliant idea for a fan art, which you can see at the bottom of the news. The artist has created aillustration of Bondman movie poster featuring the Forger family as the protagonist, in a splendid cartoon style. In the image, Twilight, aka Loid Forger, immediately stands out, running away with a gun in hand. below him you can see an explosion, while behind him we find his “wife” Yor Forger from behind. To the left of him, and much smaller, we find the brother of the hitman Yuri Briar.

In the lower part of the illustration, here Anya and her classmate Damian Desmond, right above the word “Bondman”. Finally, below the writing is the dog Bond, who has not yet made his debut in the Spy x Family anime.

And you, you would go to the cinema to see the movie Bondman? With such a cast, it seems really hard to say no!

We leave you to the curious similarity between Anya from Spy x Family and Bunny from Sailor Moon.

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