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Spy x Family: what will happen in the second cour of the anime?

by Harry Brown

Over the course of twelve episodes for as many weeks of transmission, theSpy x Family anime it won the favor of audiences and critics, and won the scepter of the best series of the spring season. The spy comedy, however, stops for the summer: Loid, Anya, Yor and the others will return very soon.

Spy x Family 1×12 completes the anime’s first cour with a new mission of the secret agent Twilight. The Forger family is more united than ever, but what unexpected events will happen during the next episodes?

Spy x Family will be back in the fall, and more precisely in October 2022. As previously revealed, the second Spy x Family cour will consist of 13 episodes, for one total of 25 for Season 1 of the anime.

In this second part, the Spy x Family Forger family will welcome a new member, but not only. As we can see from the preview of the next episode, the peace will be threatened by a terrorist attack. A mysterious organization is determined to start the war between east and west by concocting a mise en scène.

Agent Twilight will be called upon to stop the terrorists, but somehow his wife Yor and sweet little Anya, who we see riding a big dog with a white coat, will also be involved. So, in the second cour there will be lots of actionbut also emotions and fun.

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