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Star Comics presents the releases of the end of September: Ghost Game debuts

by Harry Brown

In advance, Edizioni Star Comics is presenting the releases of September 2022. After discovering the titles arriving in the first three weeks of the month, the Mondadori-owned publishing house also formalized the news arriving in the fourth and last week of September.

The most awaited exit is that of Ghost Game, the new work by the author of Rosario + Vampire. The first volume of the work, also available in variant cover edition with an alternative cover illustrated by the mangaka, it arrives in Italy from 21 September. The plot of the work follows the story of Chloe, who lives dreaming of becoming an actress despite the fact that she has not yet been successful at the age of thirty. Her main talent, however, is that of being a medium. One day, following the meeting with Kai, a boy who defines himself a ghost reaper, she finds herself having to face evil spirits that have come to Earth from the Underworld. Ghost Game is currently on hiatus due to author health issues.

The same day Sensor also makes its debut. In this unique volume from the genius of horror Junji Ito, the story of Kyoko is told, a wonderful woman who walks at the foot of Mount Sengoku. Suddenly, a man appears before her and guides her to the Kyokami village, whose inhabitants are followers of a mysterious cult. Kyoko is shocked by a series of terrifying events.

Among the series continuing in the week of September 21stwe find:

  • A Sign of Affection n. 3;
  • Card Captor Sakura Collector’s Edition n. 8;
  • Detective Conan – Zero’sTea Time n. 5;
  • Dragon Quest Saga – The emblem of Roto II – The heirs of the emblem n. 34;
  • Haikyu !! Collection n. 2;
  • Mashle no. 7;
  • Rurouni Kenshin Perfect Edition n. 4;
  • Only Leveling n. 9;
  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Big Bang Mission !!! n. 3.

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