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Star Wars: the war between the Crimson Dawn and the Sith has officially begun

by Harry Brown

One of the most interesting innovations in the universe of Star Wars introduced in the spin-off film Solo: A Star Wars Story concerns the Crimson Dawn organization, and in particular its current leader: Lady Qi’ra, played by Emilia Clarke in the film. The woman knows very well what are the weaknesses of the empire and above all which personalities to strike.

The importance and influence assumed by Crimson Dawn inevitably captured the interest of Emperor Palpatine, and consequently of the Sith connected to him. Having spent some time following and working alongside Darth Maulformer leader of the organization, Qi’ra is privy to the true identity of Palpatine, known as Darth Sidious, and is trying to eradicate him from the throne thanks to ancient artifacts related to the Force.

In Star Wars: Crimson Reign # 5 Darth Sidious learns of the existence of Crimson Dawn, and decides to act immediately. However, delaying this decision could cause enormous damage to the Sith and the Empire. In fact, Qi’ra has managed to expand hers control also in different levels and positions of the imperial structureeven going so far as to poison the entire guardhouse of the Emperor himself.

The power exercised by Qi’ra also manifested itself on the planet Mustafar, where thanks to the alliance with the Knights of Ren she managed to enter the fortress of Vader. After all these events, Palpatine manages to understand the real threat posed by Crimson Dawn and the woman who is in charge of it. While the two Sith organize themselves, Qi’ra is already carrying out one of her plans: to have the mysterious Archivist recover. a Sith artifact that could harm Sidious. The blow is successful, but soon there will be a direct confrontation between the two forces at play.

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