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Synopsis for Boruto 258-261: the Sixth Hokage returns, Kawaki to the academy!

by Harry Brown

With the end of the Saga of the Great Battle in the Land of Water, which saw the death of numerous characters and led the protagonists to make important reflections, the anime series of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations has given life to a new cycle of episodes, each based on a different ninja of the Leaf.

This new round of Boruto episodes has introduced new acronyms, which will accompany the spectators at least for the next few months. On the net, the synopsis of the episodes ranging from 258 to 261an episode that will be broadcast on 7 August.

In episode 258 of Boruto the Uzumaki family will go on vacation. The quintet, made up of Boruto, Kawaki, Himawari, Hinata and Naruto, sets off on a journey, spending a relaxing day with food, drinks and games. Even Kawaki, usually reluctant to the company of others, will have a lot of fun, to the point of not wanting to go back. At the end of the day, Boruto and Kawaki participate in a sponsored event.

In Boruto 259, Mitsuki will search for her kitty, Mikazuki. Meanwhile, he will be tasked with investigating a strange series of incidents. One day, he runs into his cat, who has been adopted by another person who has given him a different name.

In Boruto 260, the Sixth Hokage is back. Kakashi was absent from Boruto 211, when he challenged Kashin Koji. In the company of Boruto, Kakashi runs into a desperate man, as his family opposes his marriage. Boruto, will then ask Kakashi to help the man, but he will initially prove reluctant. For some strange reason, then, the Sixth Hokage goes to the forefront to help the man.

In Boruto episode 261, Kawaki enrolls in the Ninja Academy, where he becomes a classmate of Himawari. However, this is a cover. Kawaki must keep an eye on and defend the young princess Yukiwari Kae. The teacher Kaka Hana seems to be hiding something mysterious

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