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Takt Op. Destiny: Cosette in combat clothes in this faithful cosplay

by Harry Brown

Takt Op. Destiny it was one of the most followed titles of the autumn 2021 season, a technical delight resulting from the collaboration between Studio MAPPA and Madhouse that struck fans for its very high graphic rendering. Months after the end of the anime, fans continue to support the work with manifestations of creativity.

From the first episodes it was evident the commitment of MAPPA and Madhouse which, despite the not particularly original and compelling plot, managed to amaze an entire community thanks to a extraordinary and visually satisfying technical sector. Strong on the graphic front, therefore, the series soon won over several fans who supported the saga with brilliant interpretations, just as this Kanalyss cosplay demonstrates.

In any case, in the past few hours another cosplay has caused a sensation on the net, however, edited by the artist Mirin_Shuwho wanted to pay homage as faithfully as possible to the heroine protagonist of the anime, Cosette / Destiny, in battle clothes. The interpretation of him, which you can fully appreciate at the bottom of the news, was much appreciated, thanks above all to the incredible fidelity to the original character.

Before saying goodbye, we take this opportunity to remind you that a manga adaptation of Takt Op. Destiny, it is also unclear whether the paper counterpart will continue the original plot of the anime or not. And you, instead, what do you think of this Mirin_Shu cosplay? Let us know with a comment below.

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