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To Your Eternity: new trailer for Season 2 at Anime Expo

by Harry Brown

In absolute preview, during a panel that Crunchyroll held during Anime Expo 2022, a new official trailer was shared for To Your Eternity Season 2. What thrilling adventures will the immortal being known as Fushi face this time around?

To Your Eternity’s second season anime debut is expected later this year. In anticipation of the fall premiere, Crunchyroll has shared a new promotional video of the adaptation of the same name work of Yoshitoki Oima.

After the unhappy misadventures of the first season, Fushi has decided not to meet anyone anymore and to continue his journey in total solitude. For 40 years, the immortal being grows up and lives alone on a desert island, convinced that he does not need friends and that he can fight against the Nokkers even alone.

When his “father” warns him of the threat of the Nokkers, who are slaughtering innocent civilians, Fushi reveals that he is no longer have the strength to prevent someone’s death. Finally, in the movie we see Fushi visiting a big city and several new protagonists.

The direction of the second season of To Your Eternity is entrusted to Kiyoko Sayama, who replaces Masahiko Murata. The Studio Drive takes over the production of the anime from Brain Base. The first season covered the first 54 chapters of the oima manga. Season 2, therefore, will adapt the story from chapter 55 onwards.

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