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Tower of God still goes on hiatus indefinitely: SIU sick

by Harry Brown

Crunchyroll has invested heavily in making manhwa based anime. Korean comics have been gaining traction on the web since the late 2000s, and there are still some thick titles to this day. For example, the Tower of God anime has led to much better knowledge around the world about this climb on the divine tower.

Waiting to know the release date of the second season, in Italy Star Comics is publishing the volumes of Tower of God. And what about what happens at home? In South Korea, the publication of the vertical reading series continues, but not without dilemmas. Indeed, after chapter 550, Tower of God will go on hiatus due to author SIU’s health condition.

Not many other details have been given, but even this could be a break of a few weeks or even several months, and it will be necessary to wait for an official release to know the date of the return. It is not the first time that SIU has been forced to stop its series for health conditions: already in 2021 Tower of God had been interrupted a few times to allow the author to recover.

The important thing now is that the author recovers by pausing for as long as necessary.

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