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Trigun Stampede: Nightow and Studio Orange talk about the originality of the series

by Harry Brown

Trigun: Stampede was one of the biggest, and most unexpected, surprises to arrive during this 2022. The reboot of one of the most popular series of the early 2000s has generated a lot of enthusiasm, and according to what Nightow himself, and the producers revealed, promises an ambitious as well as original project.

In a meeting held with Nightow, Kiyotaka Waki, producer of Studio Orange, and Katsuhiro Takei, producer of Toho, the comic book colleagues were able to deepen some questions about the anime. Nightow underlined how they have been working on it for years, even teasing fans by saying that “it’s just the beginning”, while Takei spoke of the involvement of the talented director Kenji Muto, who will make his directorial debut with this series, and of Studio Orange, that after Beastars and Godzilla Singular Point wanted to return to deal with more “human” series.

Speaking of the story, and of the confusing anticipations that emerged from the trailer, the interviewer asked what the timeline of the story was, and if aspects of Vash never dealt with will be deepenedthe. Takei responded by talking about the artist entrusted with the script, not yet officially presented but described as “an excellent sci-fi writer”, before pointing out that “much of the world and settings are based on ideas of he”.

The next topic was about the difficulties in moving from a two-dimensional aesthetic and style of the old series to using CG in the reboot. “Director Muto took some time to understand and interpret the designs before he had real designers to define the animations,” commented Waki.

Nightow he later stated that he is convinced that this series will appeal to many of the fans who in the past considered the films and scenes added in the original anime to be part of that universe, since “I think you will feel the way I do, this too, in some way, is Trigun“.

Finally, the sensei talked about how he approaches the creation of a work, replying: “I constantly try to challenge myself. Is this a combination I’ve already made? If so, I’ll try to make one I’ve never experienced “. Tell us what you think of these statements in the comments section.

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