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Ultraman: Tsuburaya Productions icon joins Marvel heroes in a miniseries

by Harry Brown

For several years Tsuburaya Productions, a Japanese production company mainly linked to the character of Ultraman, announced the desire to expand the franchise by showing a certain openness towards collaborations. And it is thanks to the extraordinary partnership with Marvel that the company has presented a special miniseries.

In fact, during the Anime Expo 2022 the crossover between Ultraman and some of the most important superheroes of the House of Ideas. The announcement of this miniseries was also reported on the Twitter page @Tsuburaya Global in the post you find at the bottom of the page, and where you can already see the involvement of heroes of the caliber of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain Marvel, engaged in facing a Kaiju, with three Ultraman in the background. After the publication of the new comic series of Ultraman by Marvel Comics, and The Rise of Ultraman, this is the second official crossover with the universe of the aforementioned superheroes, and according to what was stated during the announcement, it could fit into continuity of the adventures of Tony Stark and Peter Parker.

No title has been revealed for the series so far, but it has been confirmed that Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom will be part of the production as writers. Finally, it was fixed how release period a generic 2023. As usual, let us know what you think of this crossover in the comments section.

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