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What was it like working on ONE PIECE: RED and STAMPEDE? Talk to the producer

by Harry Brown

Announced last year on the occasion of episode 1000 of the ONE PIECE anime, it has finally arrived in Japanese cinemas ONE PIECE: RED, a film that promised to bring Shanks the Red back to the screens. The emperor effect was felt at the box office given the result of ONE PIECE: RED, which surpassed its predecessor.

ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE in fact sold far fewer tickets in the first days of screening. And it is precisely about this film that we return to talk together with ONE PIECE: RED. Producer Shimizu Shinji has dealt with several Toei Animation projects over time, including the ONE PIECE: GOLD films and the last two screened in Japanese cinemas. According to Shimizu, ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE was the most difficult project of his career: “The schedule was very tight but thank goodness the film went well.”

The challenge has therefore been overcome, but STAMPEDE is not the ONE PIECE film most appreciated by the producer. In fact, Shinji immediately replies: “This is an easy question. Obviously it’s RED. After that, I definitely enjoyed Death Trap. ā€¯Recall that ONE PIECE: Death Trap was the fourth film in the franchise and was released in 2003, where the crew was much smaller than today.

ONE PIECE: RED continues its run in Japanese theaters and now also in those of some countries of the rest of the world, while the special episodes on RED with Uta also continue.

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