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Why can Meowth of Pokémon speak? Let’s rediscover its origins

by Harry Brown

The Pokémon world is very similar to ours, were it not for the absence of animals that are instead replaced by these creatures of various kinds. Each of them has a different size and shape, with their differences that go even further thanks to the types and attacks they can learn and use in battle.

They also all have different verses, with these referring to their name. None of them, however, can speak but, as was shown in the Pokémon anime, there are those who can learn how to do so. The most important exponent is undoubtedly Meowth, the Team Rocket mascot who always accompanies Jessie and James on various criminal missions. How come Meowth can speak?

From the beginning of the anime it was shown how Meowth spoke, but only later was there an explanation as to why. In episode 16 of the second season, Meowth reveals that he ran into a female Meowth as a young man, losing his mind for her, but without being reciprocated because she is a pokémon of a rich and Meowth didn’t impress her because he wasn’t human.

And so Meowth decided to learn to walk on two legs by watching people, also taking advantage of the diction lessons of a dance school. Over time, little by little, Meowth has learned to speak, even if this did not help to conquer the pokémon he had fallen in love with, which even rejected him by calling him a monster. A story certainly not a happy ending, with Meowth then joining Team Rocket because Rocket was the first word he learned.

This has passed, while in the present Ash is participating in the pokémon championship. And don’t miss this Pokémon diorama.

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